Hosting Options

Hosted by Microsoft on Azure and Amazon on AWS – EC2.

High Availability

Build high availability Hadoop clusters and scale as you grow and pay as you go.

Rich Programming Choices

Develop extensions and connectors in various languages like C#, Java and other languages.

Hadoop has positioned itself as the leading Big Data processing system. Backed by all major cloud hosting providers like Microsoft, Google and Amazon, Hadoop is becoming the default choice for building Big Data systems. With a powerful distributed storage and distributed computing mechanism Hadoop delivers an unparalleled performance and easy to scale system. Whether your data is structured or semi-structured or unstructured Hadoop suites the best to handle all of them.

Our Hadoop consulting practice offers

Design and development the solutions on Hadoop Ecosystem ..(which includes Apache Hive, Apache Pig , Apache Spark, Sqoop, ZooKeeper..etc).


Hosting on Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud Platform and other vendor. Pay for the service not the servers.


We develop custom reporting solutions or integrate Hadoop with 3rd party reporting tools like Tableau, Qlikview and others.


We create jobs, automations and applications for integrating Hadoop with enterprise systems to realize the value of data real-time.

Perfomance and Monitoring

Monitoring and tuning the performance of Hadoop and associated jobs. Monitoring security and availability of the systems and troubleshooting.

Data Visualization

We develop custom dashboards for enterprises and other visualization tools for customers to visualize the data and arrive at decisions easily.

To find out how Hadoop can help your organization handle the big data challenges email us at

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