Wide Range of Services

From storage to application hosting to Computing Engines.

App Engine

Built-in services like Task Queues, Memcache and Users API.

Computing Engine

Global load balancing, fast and easy VM provisioning etc.

Google Cloud provides best in class infrastructure to run your applications. Applications can be developed on Google App Engine as well as on Compute Engine. Powered by Google’s global network your applicaiton can easily be deployed to multiple region data centers.

In addition Google Cloud provides wonderful infrastructure for your Big Data and mobile applications backend. The ready to use applications from various 3rd party vendors and the application gallery to host simple applications like WordPress, Joomla etc makes it a perfect choice for companies ranging from startups to enterprises who need big data solutions.

Pay for the servicesnot for the servers.
Our Google Cloud platform practice offers.

We develop custom applications on Google App Engine and Compute Engine. We also install applications from application gallery and configure.

Storage Solutions

Develop storage solutions to store files, data, backup and disaster recovery on Google storage services.

Database Services

Migration of database, datawarehouse solutions to Google Cloud Platform. Creating ETL jobs. Automating reporting and advanced analytics.


Integrate Google infrastructure to your development, testing and stage environment to test and troubleshoot issues on and off the cloud.

Perfomance and Monitoring

Monitoring and tuning the performance of Google BigQuery and App Engine. Monitoring security and billing usage of the systems and troubleshooting.

Analytical Solutions

Building data warehousing solution using Google BigQuery. Process data realtime with BigQuery. Analytical solutions using Hadoop.

To know more about how to migrate to Google Cloud Platform email us at sales@camelotis.com

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