Hosted Options

Wide range of hosting options to host from simple website to big data applications.

Backup and Storage

Broad range of solutions for storage, backup and disaster recovery.

Deployment and Scaling

Extremely easy deployment and scalability options. Replicate contents and apps easily.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become the one stop shop for all your cloud infrastructure needs. No matter what technology the applications are using AWS provides a world class easily scalable infrastructure to run your applications. In addition AWS also provides an unparalleled backup and storage services that serves for various purposes including disaster recovery. The Big Data service from AWS is an amazing addtion. AWS provides wonderful tools for remotely managing the infrastructure and your applications. AWS provides excellent automation SDKs that help automate the mundane tasks easily.

Pay as you go,scale as you grow.

AWS Market Place is one of the wonderful features where you can buy applications from external vendors and have it ready in few minutes for use.

Our AWS consulting practice offers
Migration to Cloud

We migrate your applications to AWS cloud platform. We also re-engineer your applications to be cloud compatible.

Storage Solutions

Develop storage solutions to store files, data, backup and disaster recovery on AWS storage services.

Database Services

Migration of database, datawarehouse solutions to AWS. Creating ETL jobs. Automating reporting and advanced analytics.


Integrate AWS infrastructure to your development, testing and stage environment to test and troubleshoot issues on and off the cloud.

Perfomance and Monitoring

Monitoring and tuning the performance of AWS and associated jobs. Monitoring security, availability and billing usage of the systems and troubleshooting.

Analytical Solutions

Building data warehousing solution using Amazon Redshift. Process data realtime with Amazon Kinesis. Analytical solutions using Hadoop.

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